New Features For Huggins & Scott

  • NEW Internet Only Lots Added to each auction!

    We are adding lots to the end of the auction that will not be seen in the printed catalogs, however, they are still part of the auction and can be bid on just like every other lot in the auction. These lots will begin with the next lot number, following the last lot in the catalog (for February 2014, these will begin with lot #683). These lots will begin and end at the same time as all of the other lots in the auction and are part of the auction. For a quick link to these lots, you can visit our "INTERNET ONLY LOTS" categories, found here: Internet Only Lots

  • ESPN 1000 from Chicago Radio Show Featuring Bill Huggins

    Beginning Sunday November 3, 2013, ESPN 1000 in Chicago will air a new one-hour radio program titled "Sports Collecting with Tom Morgan". The show will be sponsored by Huggins and Scott Auctions and will feature Bill Huggins answering questions about all that pertains to sports cards and memorabilia. The show airs each Sunday morning at 8:00am ET/7:00am CT/6:00am MT/5:00am PT and can be heard live streaming at the following link:
    ESPN 1000 in Chicago - Listen Live

    To listen to past shows, click here:
    11-3-13 ESPN Radio Show
    11-10-13 ESPN Radio Show
    11-17-13 ESPN Radio Show
    11-24-13 ESPN Radio Show
    12-1-13 ESPN Radio Show
    12-8-13 ESPN Radio Show (Josh Wulkan Guest)
    12-15-13 ESPN Radio Show
    12-22-13 ESPN Radio Show
    12-29-13 ESPN Radio Show
    1-5-14 ESPN Radio Show
    1-12-14 ESPN Radio Show
    1-19-14 ESPN Radio Show
    1-26-14 ESPN Radio Show
    2-2-14 ESPN Radio Show
    2-9-14 ESPN Radio Show
    2-16-14 ESPN Radio Show
    2-23-14 ESPN Radio Show
    3-2-14 ESPN Radio Show
    3-9-14 ESPN Radio Show
    3-16-14 ESPN Radio Show
    3-23-14 ESPN Radio Show
    3-30-14 ESPN Radio Show
    4-6-14 ESPN Radio Show
    4-13-14 ESPN Radio Show
    4-20-14 ESPN Radio Show (with Josh Wulkan)

  • Auction Report Radio Show with Host Ryan Friedman

    February 5, 2014 - Auction Report Radio with Guest Josh Wulkan of Huggins and Scott Auctions - click to listen

  • See a short video featuring our display from the 2013 National Convention in Chicago, IL:

  • Searchable Features:

    We have added new clicakble links to show the items with the top 100 bid counts and top 100 bid amounts. We have also added clickable links to show just the items that have no bids, those that have just one bid and those with just two bids. These links can be found on the left side of the home page in the blue navigation bar.

  • 11/14/12 - Items with Reserves:

    “Items With Reserves” feature slightly modified!

    We have expanded and modified the “items with reserves” feature for this December 2012 auction. Now, the items with reserves are noted with a red outline around the lot and the words “ITEM WITH RESERVE” heading above the lot. They will also appear in the appropriate category section based on the item. The reason we have started this is to allow us to offer more unique and special items, while also giving our consignors the assurance that the items will at least reach a certain minimum. All items with reserves will have an opening bid and an estimated value range. The reserve bid on any item will never be greater than the low value in the estimated range. By starting the bidding below the reserve price it will allow our bidders to get their initial bids in prior to the 10:00pm cutoff time for “initial bids” on the final day of the auction and then all eligible bidders can decide what they want their final bid to be on that day. The items will have a statement in the bid box on our website saying either “Reserve Not Met” or “Reserve Met”. Those two phrases should be self-explanatory. If you are entering a ceiling bid on one of these items and your ceiling bid exceeds the reserve, the computer will only take you to the value that equals the reserve. The remaining amount of your ceiling bid will be kept hidden to everyone but you. If the item ends with the "reserve not met” the item will be deemed “passed” with a zero sale price. We are trying to make this a simple and easy-to-understand feature in our auction; should you have any questions, concerns or comments on this new venture, we welcome your feedback.

  • 11/14/12: Shipping Information Now Available to you:
    We now offer you (the winning bidder) to find the tracking number of your shipment of your winnings. On the left side blue bar, under the "MEMBERS" heading, you will find a link that says "My Shipments". Click on that to find the tracking number of your shipment.

  • 10/13/10: Beginning with our November 2010 Auction, we are moving the "initial bid" time back one hour to 10:00pm EST. This means that all initial bids must be placed by 10:00pm EST on the night the item closes.

  • For security reasons, we have watermarked all of our images with our company name. This notation only appears on our internet images, not on the actual pieces that are being sold.

  • 5/13/10: We have added a "social plugin" to each lot in our auction. Just below the description and above the images, you will see a "Facebook Like" button. Clicking on this will let your friends on Facebook know that you "like" this item. For more information on this feature click here

  • Huggins and Scott is GOING GREEN!
    In an effort to do our part in saving the environment and save money on printing and mailing costs, we are hoping to entice our customers to opt out of getting a printed catalog. We will not remove you from the mailing list if you do not want to be removed, however, in exchange for declining a printed catalog, we will give you a $10.00 credit off of each auction invoice. For each auction that you win at least one lot, we will automatically credit you $10.00 off of your bottom line amount owed to us. We run five-six auctions per year - each auction that you win at least one lot, we will issue you a $10.00 credit off of that invoice.

    THAT'S A POTENTIAL $60.00 ANNUAL SAVINGS for simply letting us know that you do not want a copy of the printed catalog.

    For every auction, we offer a download-able .pdf version of the exact printed catalog from our website, which you are welcome to download for free (it's even ready before the printed catalogs are mailed).

    For any questions about these features, please don't hesitate to email or call us.

  • We have added a complete auction archive to our site. You can now search all of our past auctions by title, description and/or lot number and access any of our previous auctions. A tremendous research tool, now available to all. Here is the link: Click here for history archive